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Pressotherapy is the treatment of lymphatic decongestion and anti-inflammatory action!





Pressotherapy is a method of lymphatic decongestion, in which the lower limbs are compressed and decompressed sequentially in an upward direction from the soles to the thighs. This treatment is painless and harmless and is performed through Therabody RecoveryAir machine.

Main benefits of Pressotherapy
Improves the function of the circulatory and lymphatic systems.
Removes metabolic toxins. Reduces swelling and fluid retention.
Relieves tired and "heavy" legs with varicose veins or varicose veins.
Reduces cellulite and promotes skin elasticity. Strengthens the immune system.
It relaxes the muscles after intense training and is an effective method of recovery.

The recommended frequency of application is 2 to 3 times a week. The treatment is aimed at both men and women, is done over comfortable clothes and does not require any preparation from the person, so it can take place at any time of the day. After the end of the session, adequate water intake is recommended to restore the drained lymph water. For up to 12 hours after treatment, avoid alcohol and sugar.

Each massage can be performed in our specially designed space with the possibility of using a double or triple cabin.

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